On December 26 2012, a global conspiracy managed to rip the protective forces shielding the Earth, and magic flooded through the world unleashing chaos and mutation in it’s wake. Life as we know it came to an end. Over the next fifty years, the scattered remnants of humanity band together eeking out existence against all manner of wicked creatures and profane powers. Toughen your will, harden your body, and load up on ammo, it’s time to strike back!

Based loosely on: Resident Evil, Fallout, Shadowrun, Hellsing, Elder Scrolls, and anything else I find inspiration from. The basic idea of this campaign is to see how guns, explosives, vehicles, and superpowers would change the dynamic of your basic hack-n-slash dungeon crawl. It will also give players a chance to cut loose in a modern setting without some of the subtleties, hazards, and restrictions of a standard modern game.

This campaign utilizes the homebrew system “Masks,” developed by my friend Andrew. For more of his awesome work (largely based around the system Old School Hack but lots of other goodies) check out his blog Between are the Doors.

For more (well established) campaigns utilizing “Masks” check out these pages:
Edge City Modern Vigilante action, our primary focus
Fantasy-Masks Fantasy adaptation, retired at the moment.
Search for the Sleeping Goddess Continuation of the Fantasy Adaptation, campaign in planning.

Because Old School Hack is great as well, might as well plug our other campaign:
Old School Hack – The Fictive Way


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